Sunday, April 8, 2012


I had the opportunity to go to Houston with my family and I couldn't resist to go shopping and site-seeing. It was my first time in Houston but not my last. The children had a wonderful time at NASA and the pool. We also enjoyed going to the many restaurants that we don't have here at home. I want to share some pictures of my Houston Haul.. xoxo

                                                Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay- in Place Powder

                                                       Wisper of Gilt Highlight by MAC

                                                           Superb Highlight by MAC

                                            Peony Petal, Modern Mandarin, Lovecloud Blush

                                  Rich Core, Sweet Heat, Modern Pewter, Havana Eyeshadows

                                                                     Reel Sexy Lipstick

                                                               Pink Popcorn Lipstick

                                                    Cremesheen Glass in Private Screening

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Concealer, if well used, can work wonders and cover all those imperfections like redness, pimples, scars, bruises, under-eye bags and all the things that shouldn't been seen. How to choose the right concealer? Well, there are many types of concealers. Liquids, solids and gels are some of them. Liquids are best for dry skin or for areas such as under the eyes and where you don't need too much coverage, solids are best for concealing pimples, scars, bruises and all the heavy stuff, and gels are great for under-eye area and redness.. Normally, you'd have to buy two concealers one for under eyes area and another for blemishes. For under-eye, you will have to choose a concealer with peachy and pink tones. Pink tones should be used if you have a really fair skin. Peachy should be used if you have medium to dark skin. You want concealers to be of these tones so it can neutralize the purple-blue tones that are typically under eyes.. For the blemishes and scars, you have to choose a concealer that is exactly the tone of your foundation because, otherwise, you will end up highlighting the scars or blemish. For applying concealer, you usually use a small synthetic brush for placing the concealer and blend with your ring finger. This way, you will achieve a flawless natural look..

Los correctores, si son utilizados de la manera correcta trabajan maravillosamente para cubrir imperfecciones en la piel, bolsas debajo de los ojos, y todas esas cosas que no queremos mostrar.. Como escoger el mejor corrector? Existen varios tipos de correctores. Liquidos, en crema y en gel son algunos de ellos. Liquidos son los mejores para areas como debajo de los ojos donde no necesitamos cubrir tanto. Los que vienen en cremas son maravillosos para esconder acne y marcas en la piel. Correctores en gel son los mejores para debajo de los ojos y para cubrir areas rojas.. Normalmente debes comprar dos correctores, uno para debajo de los ojos y otro para la cara. Debemos escoger un corrector de color durazno y rosados. Corrector durazno deben utilizarce si tienes una piel bronceada/ oscura y el corrector rosado si tienes una piel muy blanca. Necesitas que el corrector sea en estas tonalidades para neutralizar el color morado/azul que tipicamente encontramos debajo de los ojos.. Para imperfecciones en la piel, debes escoger un corrector exactamente igual al color de tu fundacion, porque de otra manera terminaras resaltando aun mas la imperfeccion..Para aplicar el corrector usualmente necesitas una brocha pequena y sintetica, para difuminarlo puedes utilizar el dedo del anillo de esta forma obtendras un resultado natural y perfecto!!

Here are some pictures of my favorites eyes & face concealers! Al gunas fotos de mis correctores favoritos para debajo de los ojos y para la cara! Neutragena 3-1 eye concealer, Kat Von D. Tattoo concealer, MAC Select Moisture cover concealer, MAC Mineralize Concealer, MAC Pro Long Wear concealer, Sonia Kashuk concealer palette, MAC Studio Finish concealer..

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Established in 1994 VIVA GLAM I, II, III, IV, V,VI, Cyndi, Gaga, and Gaga 2 were launched as continuous shades. They achieved tremendous succes, raising more than $235 million for groundbreaking HIV/AIDS programs. Spring 2012 sees two new VIVA GLAM stars- Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin! Every cent from the sale of scene- stealing lipstick and his lip Conditioner goes toward helping women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS..

Saturday, February 11, 2012


It's hard not to rate this palette five stars, because the shadows are all excellent quality, the value for what you get is excellent, the packaging is great, and I love all the colors! Bottom line: If you can afford it, and especially if you are cooler toned, NAKED 2 is an excellent purchase. It works great on its own to create looks, but when paired with NAKED 1 is a dynamic duo!

Friday, February 10, 2012


                                 The Dream Sequence

                                 The Truth

                                 The Elements

                                 The Playlist

                                 The Aphrodisiac Ready Blush


                                 Perpetual Purple, Amber Rush, Golden Sage, Infinite Sky, Iced
                                 Late, Continuous Cocoa..
                                 Eternal Sunshine, Midnight Blue, Endless Pearl, Sultry Smoke
                                 Bronzed Taupe, Eternal Black...